Britney To Appear On 'How I Met Your Mother'



Britney's back... again... in a good, intentional sort of way, as she's set to appear in a minor role on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother.Britney will be playing the role of "Abby," a receptionist to a "hot dermatologist," played by Scrubs star Sarah Chalke (love her!); Chalke allegedly accepted the part after Alicia Silverstone gave it the Heisman, allegedly refusing to work with Britney. Me-ow!

Britney brought the drama with her on set, which she padded with so many guards that cast member Neil Patrick Harris barely made it through. (I know!)

The episode is set to air March 24... And did someone say ratings boon?

Oh yeah -- just got the new Britney video, "Break the Ice," which will be up momentatiously.

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