Buzzworthy Guest Blogger Colbie Caillat On Writing 'One Fine Wire'


With a certified platinum album in her pocket, Colbie Caillat is probably used to the spotlight by now. So it's hard to believe there was a time when she had a nearly incapacitating case of performance anxiety.

Find out how stage fright inspired the delicate balancing act behind her song "One Fine Wire" in this week's Colbie-penned Buzzworthy post.

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I wrote "One Fine Wire" after I came home from this improv acting class I was taking in college. I was taking the class because I have a strong fear of stage fright and public speaking! I had only been in the class for about a week, and then came the day when I had a speech to do by myself in front of the entire class. I was terrified!

So after about a half an hour of feeling nauseous and working up the nerve to give my speech, I talked myself into driving home, and I never planned on going back. When I got home my parents asked me why I was home from class so early and I told them it's because I couldn't work up the nerve to do my speech and I wanted to quit the class!

They were very disappointed in me and tried talking me out of it. I was so upset with myself that I went upstairs to my room and started crying -- I couldn't believe I completely let my fear take over me and that I just gave up.

I picked up my guitar and started playing the few chords I knew. And while crying, I started singing a melody to the words that were on my mind and continuously running through my head. It took me about 20 minutes, but I finished the song and had stopped crying. It was my release, my own self-therapy, and I felt so calm afterwards.

It's funny to me that I chose a career that makes me work on conquering my fear every single day, and let me tell's hard and it's going to be a long process, but it's gonna be sooooo worth it in the end!

So, this song is for anyone who has a fear and lets it take over them. Just remember that you control IT!