Exclusive: Taylor Swift Talks Tattoos And 'Teardrops'


We're still feeling the burn from Spankin' New Ladies Week ... and we've got one last red-hot nugget for you: We were able to steal a few minutes with super-chill country girl Taylor Swift after her TRL performance last week. Here's what she had to say about Eminem, getting a tattoo and all those "Teardrops" on her guitar.

Buzzworthy: Were you surprised when your video, "Teardrops on My Guitar," wound up on the TRL countdown?

Taylor Swift: Yes. There were certain things that I thought were in reach, but that wasn't one of them. I play country music, so when the song started crossing over, I didn't think people were actually going to play it. But they did, and all of a sudden it's a top 5 pop song.

BW: Why do you think people have gravitated toward it?

TS: I think the appeal is pretty much the lyric and melody. Honestly, I think the lyric can really relate to anybody. If you're not feeling that way now, you may have felt that way in the past -- when you liked someone who didn't like you back. It's kind of a universal feeling.

BW: What was it like working with Tyler Hilton on the video?

TS: It was amazing. He's such a great actor and he brought out a lot in me. You know, because I'm not an actor. He was really, really cool and it was good to have the chance to become friends with him. He's a sweetheart.

BW: And you guys are a good match on camera because you're both so tall...

TS: Yeah, you don't expect him to be so tall. I get those comments a lot. People walk up to me and are like, "Whoa, dude, you're tall!"

BW: Have you ever met anyone who's left you totally star-struck?

TS: Yes! Keri Russell.

BW: Why her?

TS: She's, like, the coolest celebrity ever. I always wanted to meet her 'cause she just looks like she's really cool -- and when I met her in person she was that cool. It was really awesome. I think she's done a really great job with her career. Waitress was the movie of the century.

BW: You've been grappling with getting a tattoo. Have you made a decision yet?

TS: I may get one. It was one of those things where I drew this heart on my foot with a permanent marker on the day of my album cover shoot and they took a picture of it and that picture ended up on the physical CD. So everyone was like, "Is it or isn't it a tattoo?" It's not. But I made this crazy pact that if I sold a crazy amount of records, like 2 million, I'd get it tattooed on. I honestly didn't think that it would happen. We're at 2.5 million right now. [Laughs.] So I'm, like, thinking, "Oh God, I have to get that."

BW: Well, you don't have to…

TS: I can back out of it. Mostly because my dad said he would take it off with a belt sander, so... [Laughs.]

BW: Are you already working on your next album?

TS: I am. I'm halfway finished with it, actually. There are some cool collaborations on it. I'm really excited about the song I wrote with Colbie Caillat; she sings harmony vocals on it. I just think she's the coolest thing out there right now. So for her to be on my next album makes me feel cooler.

BW: Is there a dream collaboration you wish you could get on there?

TS: I have crazy dream collaborations. I look at people like Jay-Z and Eminem, and if there was anyway that it would make sense to, you know, collaborate with them ... I would never want to do a collaboration that did not make sense. As for a live collaboration, I would love to do a show with Def Leppard. I'm a Def Leppard freak. To me, music has never really been defined by genre. Now, with digital and everything else going on, lines between genres are getting more blurred.

BW: Is there a release date for the album yet?

TS: We're thinking it's gonna be out in September.

BW: Will you be on the road nonstop till then?

TS: I'm always nonstop. I'm always on the road. I'm going to be touring with Rascal Flatts until December. So, that's my next year.