Avril Launches Best Damn Clothing Line At Kohl's


After stripping down to not much for the March 2008 cover of Maxim (photos here), Avril is now encouraging her fans to cover up -- specifically in her new clothing line, Abbey Dawn.

The juniors' line, named for Avril's childhood nickname, will be sold exclusively in Kohl's stores beginning July 2008 and will feature femme-punk pieces inspired by Avril's very own favorite articles of clothing.

Avril herself told USAToday.com that the collection will feature "a lot of hot pinks and blacks and stars and purple and zebra," which should surprise no one. And while neckties are apparently absent the collection -- which fuses "ska, reggae and skater with a balance of traditional tartan plaids, checks and stripes" -- we're gonna go ahead and assume that skulls are a requirement.

Avril is designing the pieces herself and will be wearing select items on her "Best Damn Tour," which she just embarked upon last week with the Jonas Brothers. (Check out the dates here.)