Exclusive Panic At the Disco Interviews -- Eight Days Of Panic: Day 1

You know how sometimes just a little of something goes a really long way? Like guilt, or perfume or viruses? Well that doesn't work with Panic At the Disco.

After last month's "Nine Days of Panic," we were left wanting even more Panic At the Disco. Because a little Panic never seems to be enough. Somehow, Panic always breeds more Panic.

... Which is why we're counting down the eight days (because we already did nine) until the March 18th MTV.com premiere of Pretty. Odd. on The Leak.

Starting today, for the next eight days straight, watch two exclusive Panic At the Disco interview clips, where Brendon, Spencer, Jon and Ryan reveal the meaning behind their new songs and some slightly sordid stories involving boxers, Hannah Montana, and fan gifts they wish they never got.

In the first video, Panic tells you a bit more about "We're So Starving." In the second, they give mad love to Jimmy Kimmel and P.F. Chang's.