Buzzworthy Backstage: Exclusive Sara Bareilles Interview


Since Buzzworthy talked to Sara Bareilles last month, she's been beamed into nearly every TV in the country on the wings of her Rhapsody commercial, and she scored a gold record for her album, Little Voice. Yet despite the increased exposure, she's as grounded as ever.

We caught up with Sara after her TRL Spankin' New Ladies Week performance yesterday (watch it below), and she told us what was it was like to perform in front of the MTV cameras and why we probably won't see her on the cover of In Touch for hurling milkshakes at paparazzi.

Buzzworthy: What'd you do to prepare for your first TRL performance?

Sara Bareilles: I was so excited because this was the only TV show that's let us play the whole song in its entirety, so I was like, great! We'll just play the song as we know it! We didn't have to make any cuts or edits. The kids were singing along. So it was really fun.

BW: What was going through your head while you were playing?

SB: I was just trying not to forget the words! If you think about it too much, they float off into oblivion. It was just fun looking at the kids' faces.

BW: You're all over the place now -- VH1, MTV, that Rhapsody commercial. Have you started to get recognized more?

SB: I've gotten recognized a little bit, but I'm so happy to not be recognized. It's so fine with me!

BW: Should we tell fans to leave you alone?

SB: Ha, no it's not that. It's just that that part is the less appealing part of being in the public eye. But it comes with the territory, and usually people are very sweet and just want to say hello and they're excited about the music, which is great.

BW: So we probably won't see you attacking cars with an umbrella?

SB: If I can avoid it I will!

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