Buzzworthy Exclusive: Kid Sister = Beauty + Brains + B. Ware!


It's almost too bad Mika already named his debut album Life In Cartoon Motion (unless of course you're Mika -- dude sold 5 MILLION copies of that piece!), because that title totally applies to Kid Sister -- the Chicago rapper known for her electro-dance track, "Pro Nails." Girl's more animated -- and exponentially more entertaining -- than both Garfield movies combined.

Now, don't get it twisted: in person, Kid Sister is straight smokin'. But she isn't just easy on the eyes. Kid Sister (born Melissa Young) is also sharper than one of those scary metal nail files and has more style than the latest issue of V.

We hit her up backstage while she was getting in make-up for her Spankin' New Ladies Week TRL appearance today and talked nail polish (of course), wrestling and classic Chicago hot dogs... you know -- the usual. In short, we wanted her to be our IBFL (Instant Bestie Fa Lyf).

Here's why:

Buzzworthy: You just finished a tour. Tell us about the best show you played.

Kid Sister: Sydney! Sydney was really great! There were so many people! I wish I could show you the pictures! Just people for miles. It was the Good Vibrations festival. It was a blast. I couldn't have asked for a better turnout. We were there with Sinden -- he does the "Beeper" song. Kanye was there. It just felt like a family. Like a traveling Partridge family. Except we're a little bit ghetto.

BW: The Partridge Family was a little ghetto too! That bus!

KS: There were so many conversations about like the industry, man! "The industry is over!" Why downloading is bad. It was so ghetto. It was so ridiculous. It was really fun though.

BW: What's going on with your album?

KS: It's being finished! I'm almost done! So, summertime! Summertime, summertime, ohhhh yeah!

BW: And the name?

KS: KoKo B. Ware!

BW: Can you provide some insight into KoKo B. Ware for the unfamiliar?

KS: Well my brother Josh (J2K of Chicago remix masters Flosstradamus) and I, we used to watch a lot of wrestling when I was little. He was more into it, but I really wanted to have something to relate to him on, so we watched it together. It was the one thing we could do that didn't entail me kicking his ass. Or him screaming at my mom to help and bring in some assistance. So, KoKo B. Ware, that was one of our favorite wrestlers. We have a whole slew. Sounds so baaad! Mm! KoKo B. Ware!

BW: Any chance you'd get into acting? Maybe, movies?

KS: Yes! Definitely! This is just kinda one of the silly crazy things that I do. I used to work at a baby store and a reggae bar at the same time and at Bath and Body Works. (At this point we segue into a slightly off-the-record discussion on how sweet pea and cucumber melon are seriously harsh. -- BW.) I feel like I've done a lotta different jobs in my life and this is just one of the different jobs that I do. There's gonna be other stuff for sure.

BW: You've got crazy style. Let's talk about that.(For the record, Kid Sister was wearing de rigueur neon accessories, beige patent leather Valentino heels, a lilac Hussein Chalayan sundress and matching nails, natch.)

KS: Aw! I've got mad help! I don't know anything. I shop at pretty much Target and Marshalls. And they just added a Loehmann's in Chicago too, which is a big deal. The Back Room!

BW: Do you see yourself ever getting into fashion or design?

KS: Yeah! If it' something I could learn. If I can't learn it easily, I will quit! I'm already designing a hat with New Era. It's like a train conductor hat almost -- like a Fly Girl hat! Remember Fly Girls! Ooh! I have my own T-shirt with Dim Mak. And they are flyin' like hotcakes. There's a bunch of little projects going on. It's crazy!

BW: Do you have a favorite nail polish?

KS: Ooh yes! Essie! Essie is my favorite brand. I kinda like OPI, but I feel like Essie doesn't spring so much for packaging, but their product is better.

BW: What are some of your personal beauty tips for your fans?

KS: My beauty advice to any girl anywhere would be don't pay for it, because it can be done yourself! I learned to put on fake eyelashes -- you just take a couple hours. Take an afternoon and practice it! It's like $35 or $40 to get fake eyelashes put on at the salon! That's craaazy! I was like, no way! So I taught myself how to do that, taught myself how to my own hair. Just, do it yourself ladies! Save yourself some money!

BW: Do you ever see yourself opening up a salon?

KS: NO! Oh my God! Those people work so hard!

BW: Think you'll ever open up some kind of business or something?

KS: I could see myself opening a restaurant or something because I love to eat. I mean I know it's unhealthy, but I feel like it's a pastime for me! Kind of like a hobby! I see myself maybe opening like an ice cream shop or something cute like that.

BW: In Chicago?

KS: Probably. Maybe not ice cream in Chicago! Hot dogs!