Vintage Video: Jane's Addiction, 'Been Caught Stealin'


"Actress" Bai Ling's recent arrest -- no, not for showing up to the Grammys dressed like a slutty leprechaun but for "picking up" some celeb rags and a pack of batteries via ye olde five-finger discount at LAX airport -- inspired this blast-from-the-past video: Jane's Addiction's old-school ode to shoplifting, "Been Caught Stealing."



Also, we're not sure what disturbs us most -- Bai Ling's Wonked-out outfit, her mugshot, the fact that she dated both Nick Carter and Chris Isaak, the fact that she permanently dresses like Britney Spears between the years of 1999 and 2002, or the fact that -- why, God, why?? -- she has a blog entitled, quite simply and inexplicably, "Hello."