New Video: Cascada, 'What Hurts The Most'

It is our official opinion that there simply isn't enough Euro-trance in our lives today. What better way to chronicle the rise and fall of a relationship than a club anthem that both clocks in at like 150bpm and lends itself perfectly to a ringtone, belted by a blonde bombshell who looks vaguely like she could be related to Natasha Bedingfield and/or Heidi Montag?

That song is "What Hurts the Most" by Cascada, which is actually not the name of aforementioned blonde (that's Natalie Horler) but the name of a British club-music threesome, because that name is too intense for just one person.

Extra credit points awarded to the smeared-mascara raccoon eyes at approximately -02:54. And if you're a country fan, you probably already know that the song sounds sorta twangy not just because Brooke Hogan totally wishes that she wrote it but because it was originally a country single; Rascal Flatts covered it in 2006 and nabbed not one but TWO Grammys for it.