Fashion Week Runway Rundown: Samantha Pleet = Very Kate Nash



(Photo credit: Emceebard)

As much as we live for the anticipation of Panic at the Disco's new video and Missy Elliott's new 3D venture, we're also driven by a passion for fashion too. Which is why we didn't miss the opportunity to indulge in some Fashion Week action. And while we didn't see Agyness Deyn (though the week's not over yet!), we did see Brooklyn designer Samantha Pleet's Fall/ Winter 2008 show last Thursday night in Soho.

Crime, passion, misdemeanors and punishment were the themes of the 26-year-old (!!!) Brooklyn designer's collection, and law-breakin' was thread throughout every element of Pleet's show: her lookbook was cleverly presented mugshot style, replete with imagined offenses and booking codes. The studio space where the show was staged was painted stark white with police line-up height lines etched in black along the three-quarter runway. And the models – many of them musicians, actors and fellow artists – were some of the hottest ruffians we'd ever seen, in femme-but-not-fussy rock n' roll ruffles, high-waisted trousers, fashion-forward riot grrl florals, prison-striped jumpers, mod dresses with elegant bows and sexy-smart black rompers. Think Oliver Twist meets late-1970s-The Who. They may look stylish, but these aristokids will pick your pockets if you're not careful.

While we weren't as captivated by the more disjointed smaller set of men's pieces, we were smitten by the clincher that closed the show – a leopard-print, cut-to-there shirt-dress fastened with tusk-shaped buttons. (Very "sexy Soviet spy"!)

And who immediately sprung to mind after the show closed but singer Kate Nash and Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis – two fashionable females known for their throwback, trend-setting style. Next time we see them, we'll be sure to check out Samantha Pleet -- it'd practically be criminal not to.

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(Photo credit: Tim Zaragoza)