Nine Days of Panic: Day 1



Unless you only listen to grindcore, you're probably well aware that Panic at the Disco's long-awaited sophomore album is finally on track to drop in March. And you for sure know that they recently shot their video for “Nine In the Afternoon," the first single off Pretty. Odd. And while the guys half-promised to drop the cabaret-circus theme, they brought the fin-de-sicle, Coney Island-in-the-Gilded-Age-heydey act pretty hard on the video’s set. Long undies, dancing crows, more than a few freaky animal masks, set dressing that feels like a mash-up between A Trip to the Moon and Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory.” Not to mention, costumes that look like hand-me-downs from The Monkees. And that’s just part of the video.

Another thing you probably already know: Panic’s “Nine in the Afternoon” video premieres on MTV on Sunday, Feb. 10 at 9pm EST (get it?)

And being Panic fans too, we totally understand the pins-and-needles anticipation, nay, agony, the wait is causing. That’s why we’re counting down the days until the premiere of Panic's new video with “Nine Days of Panic,” where we’ll be bringing you a different behind-the-scenes video from the “Nine in the Afternoon” set.

So without further adieu, check out a clip of an MTV News interview you haven’t seen, where the guys discuss a little more of the meaning behind “Nine in the Afternoon.”

And check out MTV News' report from their visit to the set and photos from the shoot.