Miley Cyrus Gets A Makeover


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While Hannah Montana fans are whipping themselves into a feeding frenzy over anything to do with the mega-popular Disney Channel franchise -- there have practically been knock-down, drag-out fights over concert tickets, and a movie, which opens tomorrow, is setting presale records across the country -- Miley Cyrus is clearly itching to shed her girl-next-door image. She's gotten a makeover -- darkening her hair, straightening her teeth and trading jeans and T-shirts for curve-hugging ensembles. But the red carpet isn't the only place Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter's been showing some skin…

Some (more) rather risqué pics of Miley have been making the rounds. But don't get too excited … they're PG-13 at best. Still … by following in the footsteps of camera crazed celebs like Vanessa Hudgens and Lindsay Lohan, the girl's obviously hoping to make herself a household name -- without pissing off daddy, of course. Maybe she's hoping to appease her pops for a little while longer by officially tweaking her name to Miley Ray Cyrus, proving she's still daddy's little girl ... at least until she turns 18.

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