New Video: Jimmy Eat World, 'Always Be'

No disrespect to the rest of the hard-working guys of Jimmy Eat World, but we'd really like to have lunch with Jim Adkins. Not in a sexual way. (You know, because lunch can be sexual.) Not in a creepy, stalkery way. Just like, we'd maybe like to go to Subway or something with him, because he seems like the chillest, most non-A-hole-ish guy in alt-rock.

These guys have been going at it for over a decade, modestly putting out one tight power-punk album after another. And you never see these guys falling down drunk outside of Area or Stereo or hear about them making out with people who have famous sex tapes. And you know -- that has its time and place, but it's just not with JEW.

Jimmy Eat World just finished touring with the Foo Fighters -- which is pretty much a supreme dream team to us -- and they recently announced that they're going to be touring with Paramore (JEW has challenged both bands to ping-pong wars, by the way), which is pretty much perfection.

Check out their latest video, "Always Be." It's one of our favorite songs (besides "Big Casino" and "Gotta Be Somebody's Blues") off the Butch Vig-produced album Chase This Light.