Exclusive Interview: Buzzworthy Talks Love Songs & 'Golden Girls' With Sara Bareilles


The lovely, talented, tall and gracious Sara Bareilles -- she of "Love Song" fame -- stopped by 1515 yesterday. We sat down and talked about touring with Maroon 5, her insatiable appetite for pizza, and her unabashed adoration of TV's Dorothy Zbornak. Read on, won't you?

Buzzworthy: Tell us about shooting your "Love Song" video? Where'd the idea come from?

Sara Bareilles: I got a treatment from the director, Josh Forbes, who was great, and I knew as soon as I read it. I was like 'This is it! This is the video!' There was a lot of green screen and post-production, so it was cool to use a lot of your imagination and just get lost in the music because that's all you have. It happened all in one day, so it was very fast-paced. There was a lot to do and they had a ton of work to do after that. But it was really fun.

BW: How was touring with Maroon 5 and Paolo Nutini?

SB: Well, Maroon 5 definitely pranked me on my last night out with them. They ran on stage in their underwear during my last song! They just came on and they. scared. the. s--- out of me. I didn't know what was happening I just saw the crowd erupt in applause. But touring with them was a great experience. I've known them a long time. They've always been like big brothers. They're really wonderful and supportive, always kinda rooting for me and my bandmates. And Paolo was such a sweetheart. We really got along with him and his crew well. They've got big hearts.

BW: Would you ever do an official collaboration with any of them? Maybe with Adam Levine?

SB: Right now I'm so focused on trying to create a solid image of who I am in the music industry and trying to create that personal connection with who I am and what I'm saying, so I don't feel ready for a collaboration yet. But there are so many amazing people. I'd love to get to that point. There's a lot of female artists I'm inspired by, like Feist and KT Tunstall.

BW: You recently shared a stage with Stevie Wonder. What was that like?

SB: He's a god. It was such an honor to share a stage with him. He has such a presence about him. You really do feel it when he's around. It sounds so cheesy, but it's so true. I was completely struck by his presence. And he's been doing this forever. He's been playing the same songs over and over again, yet he still finds a way to infuse them with love and joy. And you see it on the faces of everyone in the audience. People just shine. He's like the sun. It's amazing what he gives out.

BW: Do you have a favorite Stevie song?

SB: We sang "I Wish," but I love "Overjoyed." And "Isn't She Lovely?" God, there's so many good ones.

BW: With Valentine's Day coming up, pretend you're making a Valentine's Day love song mix, which songs would be on it, and who would you give it to?

SB: Oooh! There's one by Ani DiFranco called "You Had Time." It's kinda melancholy but it's beautiful. I'd put that on there. I'd probably also put the Coldplay song "See You Soon." And I'd, um, probably give it to my boyfriend!

BW: What are a few things you really love and can't live without?

SB: Pizza. They call me Pizzasaurus Rex in the band because I cannot NOT eat pizza. I can't get a big one, because I will sit and eat the whole thing. I love it so much. And, I know it's really generic, but sleep. I'm such a crabby basket case without sleep.

BW: Do you have any advice for the unlucky in love?

SB: I still think that it's OK to believe in love even if it hasn't been good for you so far. I really do believe that there's love out there for everybody. I think that being communicative early on is important. Say what you need and if you're not compatible with someone, that's OK. But just be honest about what you need. And hopefully you can meet in the middle.

BW: What would you be doing if you weren't playing music for a living?

SB: Wishing I was playing music for a living! I honestly have no idea. I used to think about being a teacher but when I really think about what I wanted for my life, it wasn't anything but music.

BW: Is it true that you're a big Golden Girls fan?

SB: I'm a huge, massive Golden Girls fan.

BW: What's your favorite episode?

SB: There's one where there's a hurricane that comes to Miami, and Rose and Blanche are in nuns' costumes and they all get stuck in a house together and there's like a priest or something there, and Dorothy and her ex-husband Stan are having to pretend that they're still married. It's a debacle, and it's hilarious.

BW: Which Golden Girl would you be?

SB: Dorothy! She's feisty and tall!