Gwen Stefani: (Very Probably) Pregnant With Baby #2!


Yay! Gwen Stefani is almost definitely pregnant with her second child! She and Gavin are both so beauteous that they should have other people's babies for them. And Gwen is far and away one of our favorite pregnant famous people ever (Christina Aguilera is a close second, followed by Isla Fischer and Heidi Klum. Tied for last place: super-annoying Brooke Burke, who gets pregnant every five or six minutes, and Angelina Jolie, whose pregnant-and-skinny frame makes her look like a stick figure that swallowed a beach ball), so we look forward to many months of her in the raddest maternity outfits ever. Animal prints. LOTS of animal prints.

The only downside -- does this mean we're gonna have to wait EVEN LONGER for that next No Doubt album? Boo.