Kelly Rowland and Gym Class Heroes Party Down

Before "Ghetto," her hood status video with Snoop, Kelly Rowland got muy elegante for a super-posh upscale loft party in her "Like This" video. But now she's showin' off her laid-back side with Gym Class Heroes, and they're all setting up shop on an NYC rooftop and maxin' all chill at a house party you weren't invited to in Kelly's new up-all-night-sleep-all-day video, "Daylight."

If you're picking up on the song's golden-oldie vibe, that's 'cuz it's actually a revival of a 1976 song by the legendary Bobby Womack. (Which would explain the dated yet amusing reference to "FM music"). Kelly's version is also apparently going to be featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming movie Asterix at the Olympic Games.

Oh, and it looks like Travie was hiding something at the video shoot, by the way.

And in other party news, Corey Delaney -- that "I'm hot" Aussie Jeff Spicoli/ human Spuds MacKenzie/ Internet party guy -- is about to make bank throwing more soirees, only this time, they're legit.

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