Mary J. Blige 'Soaps' Up


What's one way to buck a doping scandal? Take a cue from Mary J. Blige (you listening, 50?) and star on a soap!

In keeping with the long tradition of wedging real-life stars (often awkwardly) into "as themselves" roles on sitcoms and soaps (Whitney Houston on Silver Spoons, Color Me Badd on Beverly Hills 90210, Macy Gray on Ally McBeal) -- Mary J. will be resurrecting her role as herself appearing on two upcoming episodes of One Life to Live. As she did in 2006 -- when she first guested on the show -- she'll be playing -- surprise! -- herself. This time, she'll be performing "Just Fine" and "Hurt Again" off her new album, Growing Pains.

Now if you're a Mary J. fan but you're unfamiliar with the soap or haven't watched it in years (side note: the Daytime Emmys are the BEST for catching up on all the major soaps: they recap the entire year in like three minutes! It rules!), just remember, there's a very high likelihood that there are characters who: slept with someone else's husband on purpose; poisoned their arch rival who's actually their half-sister; died after falling down an elevator shaft but mysteriously came back from the dead and now haunts the town's wealthy mayor; gave birth to a baby whose magical powers are unclear but are causing strange things to happen around town... very strange things; are poised to take over the family business but somebody's standing in their way and God DAMNIT, they're not gonna let them win; any and all combinations of the aforementioned. Just so you know.

Anyway, we digress. Catch Mary J. on ABC's One Life to Live on Feb. 15 and 18, and watch her perform "Just Fine" live from Tila Tequila's New Year's Eve Masquerade 2008 on MTV.