M.I.A. Models Marc Jacobs


(Photo via TheModernAge.com)

To some of you, M.I.A. looks like a cross between a middle-aged mall walker and a 1980s Port Authority crackhead. To others (ourselves included), she's a true fashion revolutionary (to be sure, when we were in London the other week, we saw what felt like millions of M.I.A. minions in oversized Tees, old-school hi-tops and fluorescents accents you could see coming for miles). But, to Marc Jacobs, she's the new face of his Spring/Summer '08 line. Also on deck to star in Marc Jacobs S/S '08 ads, Harmonie Korine and Victoria Beckham, who was recently earned the distinction of Worst Dressed Celebrity of 2007 by Mr. Blackwell.

M.I.A., shown here in Marc Jacobs' upcoming early '90s-menswear-inspired gear, was photographed by the esteemed Juergen Teller, who also shot Meg White in 2006. Ironically, M.I.A. told Paper magazine that she couldn't get into a Marc Jacobs fashion week party. Surely she'll be VIP now.

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