Is Miley Cyrus Cheating Her Fans?

miley3.jpgObviously, Hannah Montana isn't a real rock star … but, despite being Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter, Miley Cyrus is … and people have been paying a whole helluva lot of money to see her perform live. So what's this we hear about the Disney star using a body double during her sold-out concerts?

At a recent show, a fan caught Miley on camera phone as she was swept off the stage for a mid-song wardrobe change and immediately replaced by an imposter sporting a wig about as authentic as Britney's weave. The fake Miley then continued to "sing" while spending most of her time with her back toward the audience or with her hair in her face.

OK, so, we're not surprised that there's lip-syncing going on … but for $2,500 a pop, fans should be watching the real deal potentially flub her lines rather than some backup dancer who's getting paid overtime.

Ah, well, as far as faux pas go, at least she's not pregnant or being strapped to a gurney