Things Lily Allen Probably Regrets Saying


In "Snacking On One's Own Foot," "Things You Said That Now Haunt You" and "Bad Timing" news: the upcoming February issue of British Marie Claire features Lily Allen, who announced her pregnancy in mid December, speaking out against young women having babies too early. "People are having kids too young and nothing is being done about it," she tells the magazine. "I want to have a child. If I was in the right relationship, I'd like to have child in about two or three years' time. I'd like to be a young mother, although not too young..." Um, whoops.

And speaking of Lily and her Lilyette... while in the UK the other week, we caught Lily's turn as a contestant on the hilarious famous-people game show Big Fat Quiz of the Year. The show, which featured an awkward cameo by Thom Yorke, was clearly taped right before she found out about her pregnancy (either that, or she was lying), because she relayed an anecdote about her stepmother questioning whether she was pregnant (Lily refuted the suggestion), followed by too much info about her preferred form of fornication. She then topped off the reminiscence with a short song about "the back door." Watch the clip here.