Video: Sara Bareilles, 'Love Song'


We confess: we haven't yet posted Sara Bareilles' sweet "Love Song" video because we've been selfishly indulging in it on our own for weeks now. Alas, it's no excuse. Our crush on the California native (BTW, speaking of Cali, doesn't she sorta resemble a brunette Whitney Port?) can barely be measured by the instruments of modern science currently available to us. She's so that smart-sexy girl in your English class who writes poetry for fun and has already read Shakespeare's tragedies before the unit even starts. Swoon. And that refined, collegiate air leads us to believe there's no way we'll be seeing her exiting a town car sans drawers. (Right?)

Check out her "Love Song" video to see why we'd gladly get stuck in an olde-tymey-music-player-booth-thing with her any day.