Has Britney Finally Hit Rock Bottom?


(Photo via INFphoto.com)

Britney Spears missed the cutoff for vacuum-packing all of her crazy into a jar labeled "2007" and tucking it away in a cool, dark place and kicked off the new year with a big, kinda scary bang. After a three-hour standoff with police, where she refused to hand over her tykes to ex-hubby Kevin Federline, she was strapped to a gurney and hauled off for some seriously needed medical attention. It's about time, y'all!

And while mommy Lynne and knocked up kid sis Jamie Lynn are nowhere to be found, Anna Nicole Smith's "friend" attention whore Bobby Trendy has been spotted holding a vigil "visual" outside the hospital in an attempt to stop another celebrity death … and to remind us that he, unfortunately, is still kicking around looking like a giant heap of discarded wrapping paper.

Where's Justin? Where's Paris? Or even that random paparazzo Brit's been shacking up with? Why isn't Lindsay rushing to offer some sage advice to her onetime BFF? (Oh yeah, maybe 'cause she's keeping a low profile after falling off the wagon and making out with every Italian stud in sight on New Year's Eve.) Looks like poor Brit Brit's all alone in Crazytown…

All kidding aside, though … we hope Britney gets the help she needs to get her s--- together once and for all!

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