Our Tila Tequila Hangover


We'll admit it: We slept all day yesterday. Didn't take a shower until dinner, and for that, we ate some toast before going back to bed, where we found we'd been using Perez Hilton's velvet jacket as a pillow. Hey, if you spent your New Year's Eve drinking in Tila Tequila's New Year's Eve Masquerade 2008, you'd have done the same.

And perhaps you did. Maybe you celebrated in your own way and it put you in bed sometime around sunrise and you didn't bother to do anything but watch bowl games during the part of the day you managed to be conscious. We understand.

But today we're back in action and trying to reconstruct all of the details. Luckily, our party was recorded and is available for viewing on demand anytime, and we're really glad for that, cuz a lot of it is really fuzzy in our collective brain. Turns out that Paramore was as great as we remembered they were. And Fabolous was fabulous. Plus, Kid Rock brought down the house, the buzz on Flo Rida is worth it, Good Charlotte still has it, Boys Like Girls are a helluva lot of fun and The Bravery rock.

You can check out all kids of video and photo highlights of Tila's Times Square MTV throwdown over on MTV.com. And below you can watch Paramore's performance of "Crush Crush Crush."

Meanwhile, we'll be napping for a good part of today. Seems that we're not quite fully recovered -- and we can't remember what happened with us and Perez. Maybe it's better that stays lost in the night.

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