Video Scoop: Angels & Airwaves' 'Magic'

With "Everything's Magic," Tom DeLonge is convinced that his band Angels & Airwaves has a huge hit on its hands … one that comes complete with a catchy beat, a cutesy handclap, a celestial experience and a blink-and-you'll-miss-it girl-on-girl kiss.

When we spoke to him at the TRL Rock Band special, he told us that he thinks the song will stand the test of time: "When I listen to it, it's a song I can hear 20 years from now. The idea of saying 'everything's magic,' you never get tired of hearing that line."

His vision behind the video? "They're all coming there to witness a celestial event and they fall asleep and miss it just by a hair," he said. "It's weird, though, because it's not like the other stuff we've done. We don't want all our videos to be the same, but I think we'll be doing some more celestial stuff very soon."

And, uh, how do two girls kissing fit into the whole concept? "We wanted to show love and what it could become and how it's the thread that pulls everyone together," he said.

So, tell us, does "Everything's Magic" have what it takes to be a hit?