Shop Lupe Fiasco's 'Superstar' Style

If we had even a ha'penny for every hour we've spent trolling the Internets, searching interminably for that elusive magic door behind which celebrity style secrets dwell, we'd be richer than most of the stars whose stuff we sweat. That sad admission, combined with the ironic fact that we're also totally lazy makes us wanna just kiss the style sleuths behind, who lift the velvet rope separating regular folks from often-elusive goods celeb gear and put the products almost directly into your hot little hands through the Internet magic.

StarStyle hits up celebrity stylists for the low-down on the stuff celebs wear in their most stylish videos: apparel, jewelry, even the eyepatch that Chamillionaire wears in "Hip Hop Police." They answer the burning questions that keep you (err... us) up at night. Questions like, "What's up with those rad Converse in Fall Out Boy's "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" video?" Answer: They're John Varvatos, and they're $95 on Zappos. And… "Dear Lord, please tell me who designed the jacket Fergie wears in her "Glamorous" video. Send me a sign if you receive this prayer!" The answer: Heatherette, $125, and Amazon, my child.

Sooooo, say you're watching Lupe Fiasco's "Superstar" video (for the 17,053rd time, if you're us)...

... And you go into minor myocardial infarction mode over the Alejandro Ingelmo mirrored hi-tops he rocks (trust us, we wouldn’t have known who makes 'em either if we hadn't seen 'em on Lupe's StarStyle widget, seen above). Just click on their link, bust out your credit card, and $425 later, you're golden.

Unfortunately, it looks like no one but Lupe Fiasco will be wearing the amazing black leather jacket he wears in "Superstar" -- it was commissioned by "Superstar" director Hype Williams and created by Dr. Romanelli, expressly for Lupe's video. But, more importantly, now you know! Thanks, StarStyle!