Hayden Panettiere: Save The Dolphins Or Save Your Ass?


You know, you try to save a few dolphins for a good cause, and what do you get? Well, if you're Hayden Panettiere and you're splashing around on a surfboard dramatically trying to rescue marine life from hunters in the waters off southwest Japan, you get an arrest warrant. And then you get out of the country, probably never to shop in Shibuya again.

It turns out that the Heroes star/pop singer's dangerous dolphin-saving mission last month could land her in jail -- if Japan doesn't have about a billion better things to do than care about Hayden Panettiere. With dolphins and heroes and cheerleading, there's probably a metaphor in there somewhere (and a Tokyo Polie Club joke!), but we'll take the easy way out and instead show you these hot photos from her Vanity Fair shoot as well as this video by Lindsay Lohan, who went to jail today for about 13 milliseconds and who's taught us that flashing your no-no bits in clubs, getting out of cars, and at children's awards shows is a far, far easier way to keep your name fresh.