Amy Winehouse To Birmingham: Blake's Gonna Kick Yer Arses!

After getting busted for weed in Norway last month, slurring through a performance at the MTV Europe Music Awards and dropping out of the mtvU Woodie Awards AND Saturday Night Live earlier this month and generally making Lindsay Lohan look like Charlotte Church, last night Amy Winehouse continued to demonstrate the perils of ostensibly unbridled recreational drug use when she staggered and slurred her way through yet another gig.

This one went down in Birmingham, England, where she was basically booed off the stage: Amy left the stage early in the wake of more than a few audience members who'd already split. But not before she issued a bizarre (and we can only guess hollow) warning "To them people booing, wait till my husband gets out of incarceration. And I mean that." It's one thing to be a malnourished junkie with a beehive, but does she really need to talk like a pirate too?