She Bangs! Introducing Viral Video Star 'Tina'


(Photo courtesy of Tina)

Once -- and only once -- in a great while does a star come along and burn so brightly that their awesome powers simply cannot be ignored nor contained. Up 'til now, the history books have only really contained four; that first songbird is known for her firm grip on the Democratic Party and for never getting a nose job. The next was born in Detroit but now talks like she went to Oxford. The third is a tie between Vitamin C. and Hoku. But now, a new star is born. And she's known by just one name: Tina.

She's cranking out karaoke video version of her favorite pop and country songs from the comfort of her bedroom, which is densely packed with stuffed animals and enough Hello Kitty stuff to make Mariah Carey's bathroom jealous, and she's on her way to becoming America's Next Viral Video Star faster than you can say "Chris Crocker." We respect her voracious, prolific nature, her love of TRL and, and we also can't help but be amazed by the fact the same person who lists church as one of her favorite places to sing also ends her version of the Backstreet Boys' "Everybody" by calling her haters "whores."

Check out Tina and her quickly-expanding repertoire of William Hungian covers. Internet Tina, whoever you are, we salute you.