Rilo Kiley's Dirty Laundry


We caught up with the inimitable Rilo Kiley at the mtvU Woodie Awards, where they told us, in a word, what it was like to see themselves on MTV during their Artist Of The Week run last month: trippy.

Lead singer Jenny Lewis, who, while we talked, was preciously nibbling a tiny handful of M&Ms from her even tinier hand, relayed this anecdote:

"I live in an apartment building, and down by the laundry machines, this woman who I'd never spoken to before said 'Hello neighbor, I saw you on MTV.' (Laughing.) But I was like 'could you get your whites outta the dryer, please?'"

You can catch Rilo Kiley's performance when the mtvU Woodie Awards air tomorrow night (Thursday, Nov. 15) at 8p.m. on mtvU and And check out the band's "Silver Lining" video, featuring the band in their best folded-and-fluffed Sunday best.