VIDEO: Say Anything Turns Up The Heat

We were never very good at science, so here's our best shot at explaining heart-on-their-sleeves emo dance-punk unit Say Anything's tripped-out new thermographic video, "Baby Girl, I'm A Blur." For those of you who haven't seen it yet, um, it involves infrared images, which may be either the same or the opposite of thermographic… images? Which means… things about… temperature and heat… and stereophonic… multi… seismic… graphical… scientific terms.

Right... What we DO know for sure is that the video, from the band's In Defense Of The Genre album, is NOT about Blur and DOES contain drug references, which is fitting since the video resembles what your sense of vision would look like after a month-long bender involving nothing but sheets of acid, urns of Turkish coffee and Chewy Spree.

Anyway, check out Say Anything's new video to see what Max Bemis' (who we just realized sorta looks like a Justin Timberlake-Dane Cook hybrid) body parts look at various temperatures. (We think.)