Travis McCoy & William Beckett's Exclusive Red Carpet Hair Care Tips


Before they won the 2007 mtvU Woodie Of The Year Award, Gym Class Heroes -- fresh off a video shoot with Kelly Rowland -- worked the red carpet, where we wasted no time getting down to some serious Buzzworthy brass tacks: hair care.

But before we tell you what they told us, allow us to rewind and refresh for a moment: When the band performed at the 2007 VMAs in Vegas, Gym Class Heroes lead singer Travis McCoy, who's a complete hair chameleon, rolled out rocking locks straighter than Madonna's stick-straight "Nothing Really Matters" wig, from her brief Asian phase, which you may've missed because she wedged it in between her "Om Shanti" yoga phase, her trance-light phase and her fake-goth/ English Patient phase.

Anyway, naturally we wanted to know what was up with Travis' do, and how long it took to get his hair did:

"I was gonna cut my hair off like the day right before the Awards, but I said nah I can't do that," he said. "So, Pete (Wentz) was like 'straighten it out.' And I was like 'alright, cool.' So he had his hair dresser straighten it. It took a couple hours. I passed out like twice."

Travis also threw in a hair care tip: "I'm really into Toni & Guy's honey oatmeal conditioner. It's really good -- makes your hair smell really good, and makes your bathroom smell really good after you wash your hair."

For the record, it's Tigi's (a Toni & Guy line) Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Treatment Conditioner, and you can buy it on We haven't smelled it, but we're sure it smells like heaven, and/or like Travis McCoy.

We also caught up with The Academy Is…, a band that totally deserves a Best Hair Woodie -- an award that doesn't exist, but definitely should. The guys shared their key to the perfect rock coif: "Bathing is optional." Lead singer William Beckett's instructions, however are slightly more involved: "Wash your hair once a week. Then go outside. That's what we do."