Britney's VMA Performance: A World Of 'What Ifs'



What if Melrose Place hadn't gotten cancelled? What if New Coke had actually ruled and went on to become the Best Coke Ever? What if Mark David Chapman had gotten lost on his way to the Dakota, instead of poppin' a cap in John Lennon? What if J.Lo and Diddy had stayed together? What if Madonna actually had been born in England instead of mysteriously acquiring that accent? What if iPods didn't break, forcing you to upgrade to the newest model after just like, eight months? What if Posh ate? What if that movie S1m0ne hadn't sucked so hugely? What if Michael Jackson had stopped after, like, just six nose jobs?

And, most importantly, what if... Britney's performance at the 2007 VMAs had looked a little more like it was originally supposed to, as an un-famous but 1000-times-more-committed-to-her-craft Britney stand-in reveals in a VMA rehearsal video?

Check out Idolator's video footage of what Britney's VMA performance was actually supposed to look like, while we sit here and continue to ruminate over what life would be like if Domino's hadn't phased out the Noid.

UPDATE: Looks like the YouTube cops yoinked the video. Blast and damn.