Carrie Underwood: The $7 Million Dollar Woman




Carrie Underwood walked out of the 2007 Country Music Awards in Nashville last night with an award for Female Vocalist of the Year and another for Single of the Year for "Before He Cheats," but that's not nearly as much as she walked in with: she rolled into the awards in jewelry totaling over $7 million.

The diamond-encrusted butterfly brooches she wore during her performance? Worth $6.2 million. Her watch alone -- a diamond-encased pink gold timepiece, which she wore on the red carpet -- a cool $295,000. Almost makes the diamond earrings she rocked on the red carpet seem paltry with their "mere" $52,000 price tag. Each of the nine original pieces she wore throughout the night were by the posh Johnathon Arndt Gallery of Jewels, which has iced out many an awards ceremony attendee, and they were flown into Nashville the night before and kept vaulted up until just a few hours before her red carpet call. The jewelry also came with its own bodyguards -- you know you're ballin' when even your accessories have their own bodyguards.

We're gonna take a leap of faith here and assume that, as with most awards shows, the jewelry was borrowed. But we already know what Carrie Underwood will do to a guy who double crosses her. Wonder if she employed any of those tactics when she was asked to give the pieces back.

Watch her revenge video below, see video footage of the 2007 CMA red carpet, and check out more CMA red carpet photos, including a bizarre lookalike triptych of Jewel, Carrie Underwood and LeAnn Rimes, who are virtually indistinguishable.

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