Exclusive: Boys Like Girls Interview


Boys Like Girls stopped by TRL yesterday to premiere their new "Hero/ Heroine" video, and we caught up with them backstage. Here's what John, Paul, Martin and Bryan had to say about haters, Internet rumors and some weird-ass fan who's basically stalking Paul's dog.

Buzzworthy: Welcome back to MTV. So, you guys have been on TRL before. What was it like the first time you came on the show?

John: The first time we were on TRL we actually played "The Great Escape," and it was probably one of the cooler things we've ever done because we watched the show for years, and to actually be a part of it and meet Damien and the rest of the crew and just to see what happens backstage was pretty exciting. Pretty scary too, but it was definitely an awes experience.

Paul: The first time we saw ourselves on MTV was on actually a promo for "You Hear It First." It was the one of the first times we saw ourselves on TV. We were on the bus in Florida and we were just kinda freaking out like "Oh my God, this is happening." We invited everyone to come up on the bus and check it out. It was just a really crazy feeling.

BW: What was the first video you remember seeing on MTV?

Brian: It was either Dire Straits or a-ha.

Paul: "Take On Me!"

Martin: I used to not be allowed to watch MTV until I was like 12.

Bryan: I remember like… Nirvana, Alanis Morissette. I remember you guys always playing Aerosmith's "Cryin'" and "Crazy" videos.

Buzzworthy: Ha. Those were basically the same song.

Martin: I remember how on MTV, it always felt like Spring Break. It was like three months of Spring Break.

BW: Which sites do you check out when you're online?

John: MySpace. Our own band site. Facebook.

Paul: Yeah, we check our comments.

Bryan: LiveJournal.

Martin: AbsolutePunk.net.

BW: So, speaking of the Internets what are some of the weirdest rumors you've read about yourselves?

Martin: People have said we're like a formed band or we don't write our own songs. People will always talk stuff when a band starts to get a little bit of attention. People will make up stories. It's kinda funny, and we just laugh it off, you know? Sometimes it's a little annoying, but you just gotta think: if we weren't doing our own thing and getting ourselves out there then there would be no haters at all. So, haters come along with the good stuff. We just take it in stride.

Paul: One of the weird things I've seen about me was from some girl from San Francisco posted online that I grew up with her (the band's from Boston, for the record -- Eds.) and talked to her and said how I hate being in the band and I'm in it for the money and I'm gonna quit after one song.

Martin: (Laughing) How bout the girl who went to your house! She took a picture with his dog…

Paul: Okay, I LOVE my dog, and I really care a lot about my dog and there's this girl, these girls, like who are going to my house now and taking MySpace pictures with my dog. I have an electric fence in my yard, but it kind of makes me scared. Like, don't touch my Lily!

Buzzworthy: Speaking of home, what do you do in your spare time when you're not rehearsing or touring?

Martin: We usually call each other up and wanna hang out. When we get off tour we usually don't really know what to do with ourselves. We like say hi to our families and then two minutes later it's "uh, you guys wanna hang out? What are you doing? What's up dude?"

John: I go home and I take drum lessons sometimes because I really love getting better at my instrument.

Paul: I go home and hang out with my dog, who I want everyone to leave alone.

BW: I'll make sure that gets in there.

Paul: Leave Lily alone!

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