Snoop Dogg Ordered To Clean Up His Act

If you live in the O.C., you'd probably do a double take if you saw a dressed-down Snoop Dogg look-alike raking leaves, picking up trash and painting benches in your local park. Hold up, though … that might not just be someone that kinda, sorta looks a whole helluva lot like him; that very well could be the Doggfather himself.

According to CNN, Snoop's been sentenced to 160 hours of community service for carrying an illegal weapon in an Orange County airport last year. After sentencing, his attorney said the rapper was "glad to make a contribution" to the community. Uh, does he realize it's 160 hours? If he's expected to work eight-hour shifts, he'll be slummin' it in the park for 20 days! Who knows, maybe there's inspiration here for his next album?