I Say A Little Prayer For You (Britney)


Your daily (over)dose of Britney: the Mother of the Year's pushed UP her album -- the aptly named Blackout -- from November 13 to October 30, due to the threat of additional Internet leakage. October 30 isn't a long way off, but that's a long time in Britney Years. Two weeks is an open window of ample opportunity for Britney to run around sans pants (if EVER there were a better candidate for those days-of-the-week undies...), commit hit-and-runs, throw milkshakes at people or shave off what remaining hair she has left.

Let's hope she pulls it together in time for D-Day. Perhaps we should light one of New York artist Veronica Soto's "Saint Brit" prayer candles ($17, QASSA.com) and do a little "chill out on the margaritas" dance? And speaking of Britney as art imitating life imitating art, check out this homage to the bubblegum Britney of yore made of…bubblegum.