New Paramore Video!


Back in August, when Paramore was the second ever MTV Artist Of The Week, you guys "had a lot to say" (get it!?) about the band. As in, like, you guys are so hardcore that we're pretty sure there's going to be a baby-naming run on the names "Hayley," "Josh," "Zac" and "Jeremy" in a few years.

Because you're so amped on Paramore, you probably already know that Hayley and the Paramore boys still have more to say, and they're saying it in their brand-new video, "crushcrushcrush," which premiered on TRL just moments ago. (Admit it -- you had one of those flashing HTML tickers at the bottom of your LJ counting down the days until the video premiered, didn't you?)

The new video's a little darker, harder and more mature than "Misery Business." Which we don't think is necessarily a bad thing. But enough about us. What do you think? Diehard Paramore fans, we know you're out there.