Kid Rock & Pam Anderson Hit The Couch Before They Hit The Road



We already knew Kid Rock likes strippers. A lot. But the Kid-centric cover story of the October 18th issue of Rolling Stone taught us several things we didn't know about the Rock Jeebus.

1.) His brother has one leg, has suffered from various substance addictions and is now becoming a yoga instructor. Awesome.

2.) He and ex-wife Pam Anderson -- whom he notoriously ran into with then-on-again boyfriend/ baby daddy/ ex-husband Tommy Lee at the VMAs last month, (and who just got remarried the other week, certainly not for the last time) -- went to couples' counseling before they split. Of all of the walls on which to be a fly… can you even image what kind of conversations went on in that room? Perhaps they went something like…

Therapist: "So, how did things go this week for the two of you?"

Pam: "Okay. Not bad, not great. I woke Kid up again yesterday around four in the afternoon in a pile of his own Cabo Wabo-soaked barf again. His white faux fur jacket is totally ruined! I'm pissed. And also, I'm thinking of getting more boobs."

Therapist: "Kid, how does that make you feel?"

Kid: "Boobs."

Check out Kid Rock's "colorful" new video, "So Hott." It's his ode to the female anatomy. And check out Tim Kash's video interview with the Rock himself, where he breaks down the entire elbow-throwing incident.