Kid Rock's 'So Hott' Is Kinda Dirty

If walking the red carpet with beer in hand and trying to take down Tommy Lee at the VMAs didn't prove he's still totally bad ass, Kid Rock's latest video definitely does. There's not much of an actual storyline, but "So Hott" is stacked with steamy back-seat sex romps, writhing strippers, bare-knuckled boxing, car chases and slow motion shots of the self-proclaimed Rock N Roll Jesus looking hella cool. Combine those images with pounding drums, grinding guitars and lyrics like "You got a body like the devil and you smell like sex … I want to f--- you like I'm never gonna see you again" and we hear a skanky strip joint/dirty dive bar/dorm room smash. In fact, you can almost smell the stale beer, cigarette smoke and sweat stench oozing out of it … Check it out for yourself, but be ready to shower soon after.