Britney Behind The Bar?

Britney's new video, "Gimme More," showed us that she can (sort of) work a pole, but now the question may be can she hack it behind a bar?

According to, the now-childless Brit checked into the super luxe Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica last week, proceeded to chat up a manager and then requested an application to work at the hotel's Cameo Bar.

If it's true, this is about as misguided as leaving Pete Doherty alone in a room with a pile of the white stuff and a straw. (Speaking of Pete: OMG... have you seen those recent photos of him?)

We hope against all hope that perhaps she was just potentially attempting a little method acting for her next video? Maybe? Hopefully? She's already played a diner waitress in her "(You Drive Me) Crazy," (ahhhh the salad days), so maybe next she'll be portraying a ... Coyote Ugly girl? Hooters waitress?

Regardless, let's leave the bartending to T-Pain.