Lindsay Admits She Hit 'Rock Bottom'

A new and improved Lindsay Lohan's only been out of rehab for a minute, but she has already cashed in done her first interviews with OK! magazine and In Touch Weekly. What did she do, walk out the door of the treatment center and into a press conference? Guess she's not planning on keeping a low profile anytime soon…

Linds tells OK! that her arrest for DUI and cocaine possession was her "rock bottom" and her subsequent two-month stint in rehab was "a sobering experience." (Um, ya think?) On the pages of In Touch, she apologizes to her fans that "look up to" her for setting examples she "didn't mean to set." And, like so many other reformed bad girls … think Paris and Angelina … she's planning on dabbling in humanitarian work, saying she's planning to go to Africa with the American Red Cross in December.

In the meantime, though, TMZ is reporting that LiLo is heading back to L.A. for some medical and dental work and to film some scenes for the upcoming movie Dare to Love Me. Then she'll supposedly head back to Utah to continue her treatment as an outpatient. Or she could get sucked into the vortex that is Britney Spears while briefly back in Tinseltown. Either way, plenty of people will be watching.

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