Kanye West: Harder, Better, Jeweler, Blogger

Last month Kanye put the hurt on 50 Cent when his Graduation album outsold 50's Curtis by over 265,000 units. And last week, 'Ye announced he's collaborating with smiley-face-happy Japanese Superflat-Pop artist Takashi Murakami on a jewelry line. Now, we're wondering if Kanye's aiming to be the next Jason Calacanis or something, because the beef-happy rapper has been blogging up a storm lately.

He's mainly posting photos of himself living the good life -- Kanye at Stella McCartney's fashion show, Kanye at the Yves Saint Laurent show, Kanye at the Louis Vuitton show, Kanye at Chanel, hanging with Mario Testino, namedropping Damien Hurst, backstage at the Jeremy Scott fashion show (Jeremy Scott's the designer who made the much-ballyhooed '80s slatted sunglasses Kanye wore in his "Stronger" video) -- and shouting out plenty of baller toys that probably only Kanye can afford, like the Computer Choppers customized 24K gold Mac iBook Pro, and Lanvin hi-tops.

His short posts -- they're usually just a few terse phrases that read like wandering trains of thought -- perhaps suggest that he's saving his verbose tendencies for his lyrics (or for televised live events like awards ceremonies and other press opps).

But we're definitely feeling some of the material Kanye's linking to, like an old Japanese TDK commercial starring Andy Warhol. And we gotta give the man props for the excellent Netiquette he displays by citing his photo sources. As someone who pays for those Lanvin dunks from the money he makes sampling (well, whatevs, he prolly gets them for free), Kanye knows you gotta give credit where it's due.