Jennifer Lopez's Big News On 'TRL'


Um, so... who saw TRL today? Anyone notice anything maybe a little awkward? Besides that superfan's DIY tie and besides Britney's video? Maybe like the fact that Jennifer Lopez looked like she's hiding something/one behind that swingy trapeze dress? Maybe those PREGNANT pauses and the innuendos Damien kept dropping? How he gestured DIRECTLY toward her abdomen when he intro'ed Nicole Scherzinger's video, "Baby Love," and basically shouted "BABY" directly at J.Lo's baby area? How she said she's in a really special time in her life? The woman always glows, but today she was practically fluorescent. Grrr! Jenny, that zigzagged print wasn't foolin' NOBODY! Might that line from your new song, "Hold It Don't Drop It," where you say "I can’t control it, you put something inside of me" ring true? If you're not pregnant, you better go get knocked up FAST so we have something to talk about!

Finally, at the end of the show, Damien asked her straight up if she had "something special" she wanted to announce to the TRL crowd. Always on her toes, even in spike heels or go-go boots, Jennifer adroitly parlayed the mic time into a plug for her new album, Brave.


Is your silence a confession? JUST FREAKING TELL US ALREADY!

Anyway, rumor has it that she may be droppin' a baby bombs tonight at her show with husband Marc Anthony at Madison Square Garden. Until then, check out her new video, "Do It Well."