New Regina Spektor Video!


The only thing better than one wild-haired, cherry-lipped Regina Spektor is a dozen Regina Spektor doppelgangers. Of course, there can be and only is one Soviet-born, Bronx-raised parlor-pop piano chanteuse who cut her teeth touring with The Strokes, whose dad runs her MySpace profile and who writes quirky yet astute prescriptions for better living like "Maybe you should just drink a lot less coffee, and never ever watch the ten o'clock news. Maybe you should kiss someone nice, or lick a rock, or both," like in "Ghost of Corporate Future." [typo fixed]And sweetly succinct yet profound lyrics like "I never loved nobody fully, always one foot on the ground. And by protecting my heart truly I got lost in the sounds I hear in my mind," from "Fidelity," off her latest album, Begin To Hope.

Anyway, check out Regina, all that hair, her always-perfect makeup and her flock of Regina-ettes in her latest video, "Better." The little black dresses, thick tights and late-afternoon sunlight in a golden field are all so romantically autumnal that we almost don't care that it's practically 90 degress out. Oh yeah... then go get totally creeped out by the Robogina Spektor -- robotic versions of Regina's songs. For reals.

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