New Video: Britney Spears, 'Gimme More'


We spent the weekend dotting the glitter-glue i's on our "Get Well Soon, Britney" cards and practicing swinging our bras around our head while writhing around in seven-inch Lucite heels. Or, wait. That's how Chris Crocker probably spent his weekend. (JK, Chris, love ya, mean it!)

OK, so, Britney Spears no longer has custody of her kids, but she does have a hot-ass tan, a love affair with quesadillas (and can you really blame her?), an alleged name for her new album (Blackout), and a new video, "Gimme More." In it, she portrays an exotic dancer. Not to be confused with "Tiny Dancer" or even "Private Dancer," (because if you recall, "Private Dancer" was ultimately about getting out of "the life" and finding a nice, quiet place on the shore) "Gimme More" is all about getting freak-nasty on the pole. Which she definitely does.

So far, fan reactions have ranged from tepid to lukewarm to Chris Crocker, who, so moved was he by Brit's moves that he slid off his own shirt, gyrated, awarded "Gimme More" his own video of the year award, and essentially declared Britney Spears to be the second coming of Christ.

If you haven't seen Britney's "Gimme More" video yet, watch it here, and tell us what you think.

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