Video: Alicia Keys, 'No One'



You know how some people honestly cannot help gaining weight, and they're just really prone to it and they seriously just can't help it? Okay, well maybe it's like Alicia Keys just CANNOT HELP getting hotter -- case in point, her new video, "No One," from her upcoming album As I Am, out November 13. And you can't buy that shiz (the hotness, not the album) or get it in a bottle either (and you'd better believe we would if we could.)

It's hard to say which is more amazing: Alicia's voice or Alicia herself. And she certainly didn't need much help in either department, which is why we can't help being completely astounded by her magic powers of hotness-upping.

Oh, and as much as we love curly hair, we've seen it go slightly awry before: Beyonce's two-tone, too-tight curls in her "Work It Out" video; Eve's messy mop; Lauryn Hill's Little Orphan Annie 'do; Christina Aguilera's fright-night Dee Snider situation; Jennifer Lopez usually does it right (except here, of course, though we'll let it slide for the sake of homage), but Alicia just brought curls to a whole new level.

Anyway, enough of our gushing. Go check out her new video, "No One" it's the same song she performed -- along with George Michael's epic anthem "Freedom" -- at the 2007 MTV VMAs, when the infamous Kid Rock-Tommy Lee fight broke out. She sounded amazing then, but the video does the song even more justice. OMG OMG OMG we love her. (Sorry. We're done now.) Watch it.

(Um, did we lie?)