Secrets Of Paramore's 'MTV Live' Performance Revealed!


If you already watched Paramore's 'MTV Live' concert on -- the whole performance airs on MTV this Saturday, October 20 at 10:30p.m. ET, but you can also watch the whole show online now -- then you know a.) it ruled and b.) it kicked ass. But you probably already knew that they ruled. And that they kick ass. But here's what you might not have known because it happened backstage at the Hard Rock Café in New York City, where the show was filmed:

+ Hayley picked out her outfit for the show at the last second.

+ Fangirls found out where we were taping Paramore's 'MTV Live' interviews and were screaming the guys' names during the entire shoot. Crazed Paramore fans also tried to sneak into the Hard Rock during the band's soundcheck.

+ The band told us a story about a superfan who bakes them cupcakes and buys them video games. (Um, feel free to drop by our office -- we love baked goods.)

+ The boys use a hair straightener. No shame in that.

+ Wondering why Jeremy had to ice his shoulder? It's because tossed his bass into the air, and it crashed into his arm on the way down. He ended up playing half the show with a bum arm, which sorta takes 'crushcrushcrush' to a whole new level.

Watch them perform 'crushcrushcrush' now, see the entire performance -- plus exclusive video interviews -- and check out exclusive photos of the show.