Daughtry's Still "Over You"



We're kind of obsessed with the Daughtry video. Still.

The song's the third single off his self-titled debut, which, since its release less than a year ago, has sold an incredible 3 million units and counting.

The video, which Chris said, in his own words, "took forever to come out" (it was delayed for well over a month) is making up for lost time. Neither the video nor the song are showing any signs of going anywhere anytime soon: "Over You" has a complete iron grip on the Billboard Hot 100, Pop 100, TRL (of course), where it debuted at the beginning of October, and VH1's Top 20, where it hit #1 this week.

Daughtry, who co-wrote the buzzkill ballad with Brian Howes, (who also co-wrote all of the tracks on Hinder's Extreme Behavior album, including "Lips Of An Angel,") recently told a Buffalo radio station that the song's about a specific split and that he's moved past it.

That's cool, but how depressing is the video? Not only is it about a total bummer of a breakup, but it also details the story of a fictitious girl who gets drunk at a party, drives home and kills her boyfriend in the process. As depressing as that is, it's always good to see a video that digs a little deeper than simply showing off the band and a hot girl. All that depth almost excuses all of Chris' unnecessary guyliner. Anyway, OCDers (Obsessive Chris Daughtry fans), we KNOW you're out there. Tell us what you think of the "Over You" video.