It's Kelly's 'Gimme More Shoes,' Betch


We’re more than ready for Britney's big Blackout -- the album, that is -- which is set to drop on October 30. (MTV News has the rundown on every track.) But perhaps no one is more ready than our very favorite freakazoid footwear fetishist Kelly, who's got a brand-new video dedicated to Brits.  Texas mash-up artist Titus Jones worked his remixing skills and united Britney's "Gimme More" single and Kelly's infamous tribute to shoes. The result is the hilarious "Gimme More Shoes," which you can download on Titus Jones' MySpace page. Kelly followed it up with a brand-new "Gimme More Shoes" video of her own. Is the next stop a real-deal Britney-Kelly collaboration? One can only hope.