Music From 'Newport Harbor' - 09/19/07


Chase and Taylor were making up and Clay and Chrissy were edging towards an, erm, physical milestone in that steamy hot tub. Yes, it seems relationships were on the mend and taking big steps in Newport Harbor this week.

And not like the music to MTV shows is ever not a perfect fit, but the music and the song titles from the sixth episode of the season really seemed to hit the nail on the head more than ever. C'mon, from a cover of "Like a Virgin" to Secondhand Serenade's "Vulnerable," it was so freakin' poignant!

But, keeping tongue firmly in cheek, our favorite innuendo would be the use of Akon's "Smack That" (featuring Eminiem). Go kids go!

Now, as you contemplate Clay stealing Chrissy's innocence, check out Akon's performance of the song with DJ Mark Ronson at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. Then cruise the soundtrack of the show for more new faves.

Here's the Newport Harbor episode 106 soundtrack list:

Jessa, "Little Miss"

Akon featuring Eminem, "Smack That"

New Atlantic, "The Streets, The Sounds, The Love"

Emma Burgess, "Best Thing"

Summer Wilshire, "Four Houses"

Rockett Queen, "Next Big Thing"

Beth Thornley, "Beautiful Lie"

T.I., "You Know What It Is"

Jaime Paxton, "Like a Virgin"

Jaime Paxton, "A Good Ending"

Maroon 5, "Back at Your Door"

Secondhand Serenade, "Vulnerable"

Theft, "Seeing Stars"

Joshua Radin, "Only You"

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